Psychology is a fascinating field that deals with the study of human behavior and mental processes. However, there is often a debate about whether psychology should be considered a social science or humanities. In this article, we will explore the arguments for both sides.

What is a Social Science?

A social science is a field of study that deals with human behavior and society. It involves the scientific analysis and interpretation of social phenomena using empirical evidence. Some examples of social sciences include sociology, anthropology, economics, political science, and psychology.

Why Psychology is Considered a Social Science

One of the primary reasons why psychology falls under the category of social sciences is because it involves the scientific method. Psychologists use various research methods to collect data on human behavior and mental processes, such as experiments, surveys, case studies, and observations. They then use statistical analysis to draw conclusions from this data.

Additionally, psychology also deals with social phenomena such as group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and cultural influences on behavior. Psychologists often use theories from other social sciences like sociology and anthropology to inform their research.

What are Humanities?

Humanities are fields that deal with human culture and society. They involve the study of human creativity, expression, philosophy, history, literature, language arts among others.

Why Psychology Could be Considered as Humanities

While psychology primarily deals with human behavior and mental processes like other social sciences do; it also involves studying how people interpret experiences in their own subjective ways. This makes it similar to humanities fields like philosophy in which interpretation plays an important role.

Psychology can also be considered as part of humanities because it focuses on understanding how people think about things (cognition) which can lead to an understanding of why people act in certain ways (behavior). However unlike most humanities fields which are not empirical – relying instead on subjective narratives or criticism, psychology relies heavily on empirical data.


In conclusion, psychology can be considered both a social science and humanities. While it involves the scientific method for collecting and analyzing data, it also deals with subjective interpretation of experiences and mental processes. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that while psychology might borrow concepts from other social sciences or humanities fields; it still remains a unique field with its own methods and theories for understanding human behavior and mental processes.