Is Psychology a AS Degree?


Vincent White

Psychology is a fascinating field that deals with the study of the human mind and behavior. Many individuals are interested in pursuing a career in psychology, but they may have questions about the different levels of education available.

One common question is whether psychology is available as an Associate of Science (AS) degree. Let’s explore this topic further.

Understanding AS Degrees

Before delving into whether psychology is available as an AS degree, let’s first understand what an AS degree entails. An Associate of Science degree is a two-year undergraduate program typically offered by community and technical colleges. It focuses on providing students with a strong foundation in scientific and technical subjects.

Is Psychology Offered as an AS Degree?

The answer to whether psychology is available as an AS degree depends on the institution offering the program. While some colleges may offer an AS degree specifically in psychology, others may offer it as part of a broader social science or liberal arts program.

Benefits of Pursuing an AS Degree in Psychology

If you are considering pursuing an AS degree in psychology, there are several benefits to take into account:

  • Diverse Coursework: An AS degree in psychology exposes students to a variety of topics such as abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology.
  • Career Opportunities: While an AS degree alone may not qualify you for all careers within the field of psychology, it can open doors to entry-level positions such as psychiatric technician or behavioral health technician.
  • Flexible Pathway: Obtaining an AS degree can be a stepping stone towards further education. Many students use it as a foundation before pursuing higher degrees such as Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in psychology.

Potential Limitations

It’s important to note that an AS degree in psychology may have some limitations:

  • Limited Scope: Compared to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, an AS degree may provide a more limited scope of knowledge in the field of psychology.
  • Restricted Career Opportunities: While an AS degree can open doors to entry-level positions, it may not provide the same career opportunities as higher degrees. Further education may be necessary to advance in the field.
  • Transferring Credits: If your goal is to pursue a higher degree, it’s essential to ensure that the credits earned from your AS degree will transfer seamlessly.


In conclusion, while psychology may be available as an AS degree at some institutions, it is crucial to consider the benefits and limitations associated with this level of education. An AS degree can provide a solid foundation in psychology and open doors to entry-level positions, but further education may be necessary for career advancement. It is always advisable to research and consult with academic advisors before making any decisions regarding your educational path in psychology.