Is MatPat Game a Theory?


Vincent White

If you’re a fan of video games, you might have come across the name “MatPat” and his popular YouTube channel Game Theory. MatPat’s videos are known for their unique take on video games, where he uses science, math, and logic to explain the mysteries and secrets behind some of the most popular games.

But the question that often arises is whether MatPat’s theories can be considered as actual “theories.” Let’s dive deeper into this topic and explore what actually makes a theory.

What is a theory

A theory is an explanation or interpretation of something based on scientific or logical reasoning. It is an idea or concept that has been tested and proven through repeated experiments or observations. A theory must have evidence to support it and should be able to predict future outcomes if it holds true.

Are MatPat’s videos considered as theories

While MatPat’s videos are based on scientific principles, they cannot be classified as actual theories. The reason being that these videos are not based on empirical evidence but rather on observations and hypotheses.

MatPat often presents plausible explanations for game mechanics and storylines, but these explanations cannot be backed up by any concrete evidence. Additionally, his explanations are not tested through any scientific methods or peer-reviewed research.

However, this does not mean that MatPat’s videos are not valuable or informative. They provide a unique perspective on video games that can make us think differently about them.

So what are MatPat’s videos if they’re not theories

MatPat’s videos can be considered as interpretations or analyses of video games based on logic and reasoning. His videos often explore the hidden meanings behind game mechanics, characters, or stories.

Furthermore, his approach encourages critical thinking and curiosity in his audience. He encourages gamers to look beyond face value and question why certain things are the way they are in games. This can help viewers develop a deeper appreciation for video games and their design.


In conclusion, MatPat’s videos cannot be classified as actual theories due to their lack of empirical evidence and scientific methods. However, they provide valuable interpretations and analyses of video games that encourage critical thinking and curiosity.

So if you’re a fan of video games and want to explore them from a different perspective, MatPat’s videos are definitely worth checking out!