Is Markiplier Part of Game Theory?


Vincent White

If you’re a fan of gaming content on YouTube, then chances are you’ve come across two very popular channels – Markiplier and Game Theory. Both channels have become household names in the gaming community, with millions of subscribers and views. But have you ever wondered if there is a connection between the two?

Who is Markiplier?

Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Edward Fischbach, is an American YouTuber known for his Let’s Play videos and comedic commentary on various video games. He started his YouTube channel in 2012 and has since accumulated over 29 million subscribers. He’s known for his energetic personality, entertaining gameplay, and charitable work.

What is Game Theory?

Game Theory is a YouTube channel that explores the science behind video games. Hosted by Matthew Patrick, the channel analyzes the storylines and mechanics of popular video games to uncover hidden meanings and theories about their worlds. The channel has over 14 million subscribers and has become a go-to source for gamers looking to dive deeper into their favorite games.

The Connection

So, is Markiplier part of Game Theory? The short answer is yes – kind of.

While Markiplier isn’t officially listed as a member of Game Theory or its affiliated channels, he has collaborated with Matthew Patrick on several occasions. In fact, Markiplier has appeared in several episodes of Game Theory as a guest host or special guest.

One notable collaboration between the two channels was in 2016 when they teamed up to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through a live stream event called “Stream For Life.” During this event, they played video games together while encouraging viewers to donate to the cause.

Additionally, both channels are part of the larger gaming community on YouTube and often support each other’s content through mentions and shoutouts.


So, while Markiplier isn’t officially part of Game Theory, he has collaborated with the channel on several occasions and is considered a friend and ally in the gaming community. Both channels have become staples in the gaming world, providing entertainment and education for millions of viewers. Whether you’re a fan of Let’s Play videos or video game theory, these two channels are definitely worth checking out.