Is Gaijin Goombah a Part of Game Theory?


Vincent White

If you’re a fan of Game Theory, then you’ve probably heard of Gaijin Goombah. He’s a popular YouTuber known for his insightful commentary on video games and their cultural influences.

But is he actually a part of the Game Theory team? Let’s dive into this question and find out.

Who is Gaijin Goombah?

Gaijin Goombah, whose real name is Michael Sundman, is a YouTuber and content creator who specializes in video game culture and mythology. He first gained popularity with his show “Game Exchange,” which explored the cultural origins of various video games.

What is Game Theory?

Game Theory is a YouTube channel started by Matthew Patrick that explores the science behind video games. The channel has over 14 million subscribers and covers a wide range of topics, from the physics of Mario to the psychology behind Pokémon.

Is Gaijin Goombah part of Game Theory?

The short answer is no, Gaijin Goombah is not officially part of the Game Theory team. However, he has collaborated with Matthew Patrick on several occasions and has made guest appearances on Game Theory videos.

The History of Gaijin Goombah’s Collaboration with Game Theory

Gaijin Goombah first appeared on Game Theory in 2014 in an episode called “Is Link Dead in Majora’s Mask?” In this video, he provided insight into Japanese mythology and how it relates to The Legend of Zelda franchise.

Since then, Gaijin Goombah has made several more appearances on Game Theory, providing cultural context for various games such as Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. While he may not be an official member of the team, it’s clear that his expertise and knowledge have been valuable assets to the channel.

Gaijin Goombah’s Other Projects

While Gaijin Goombah is known for his collaborations with Game Theory, he also has his own channel where he creates content on video game culture and mythology. He’s also written a book called “Culture Shock: Japan,” which explores Japanese culture through the lens of video games.


While Gaijin Goombah is not technically part of the Game Theory team, his collaborations with Matthew Patrick have been valuable contributions to the channel. His expertise in video game culture and mythology have provided insightful commentary and context for various games. Whether he’s working with Game Theory or creating content on his own channel, Gaijin Goombah continues to be a prominent voice in the gaming community.