How Old Is the Game Theory Channel?


Diego Sanchez

Have you ever wondered how old the Game Theory channel on YouTube is? It’s been a popular destination for gamers and theorists alike, but when did it first come into existence? Let’s dive into the history of this beloved channel and find out.

The Birth of Game Theory

Game Theory was founded in 2009 by Matthew Patrick, also known as MatPat. MatPat is a writer, producer, and creator who had a passion for video games and wanted to explore the theories behind them. He started the channel with the intent of discussing video game lore, Easter eggs, and hidden secrets.

  • Facts: The first video on Game Theory was uploaded on April 15th, 2011.
  • Trivia: It was about the video game Portal and its secret cake ending.

The Evolution of Game Theory

As time went on, Game Theory evolved beyond just discussing video game lore. The channel expanded to cover topics such as film theory, TV shows, science fiction, and even real-world events. MatPat’s unique approach to analyzing media through a critical lens quickly gained popularity among viewers.

The Launch of Game Lab

In 2016, MatPat launched a new series called Game Lab. In each episode, he would take a concept from a video game and try to replicate it in real life. This series was popular among fans who enjoyed seeing their favorite games come to life.

The Creation of Theorist Community

In addition to creating entertaining content for his viewers, MatPat also wanted to create a community where people could discuss their own theories and ideas. In 2015 he launched Theorist Community where fans could connect with each other and share their own theories.

The Present and Future of Game Theory

As of 2021, Game Theory has over 14 million subscribers and continues to produce content that entertains and educates. The channel has expanded to include other series such as Film Theory, Food Theory, and Game Theory Live.

It’s clear that Game Theory isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. MatPat’s dedication to creating engaging content for his fans has allowed the channel to grow and evolve over time. Who knows what exciting topics the channel will cover next?

In Conclusion

Game Theory is a beloved YouTube channel that has been entertaining fans since 2009. MatPat’s dedication to creating engaging content for his viewers has allowed the channel to grow and evolve over time. With over 14 million subscribers, it’s clear that the channel will continue to produce quality content for years to come.