Are you considering pursuing a degree in psychology? One of the questions that may be on your mind is, “How long is a degree in psychology?” In this article, we will explore the typical duration of a psychology degree and provide some insights into the different levels of study within the field.

Undergraduate Level:

If you are starting from scratch and want to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can expect to spend approximately four years completing your studies. During this time, you will gain a solid foundation in various areas of psychology, including social psychology, cognitive psychology, and abnormal psychology.


The coursework for an undergraduate degree in psychology typically includes both theoretical and practical components. You can expect to attend lectures, participate in discussions, engage in hands-on experiments, and complete research projects. Additionally, many programs require students to undertake internships or complete supervised practicum experiences to gain real-world exposure.


One of the benefits of an undergraduate program is the opportunity to choose elective courses that align with your interests. These electives can allow you to explore specialized areas within psychology such as forensic psychology or sports psychology.

Graduate Level:

If you wish to delve deeper into the field of psychology or pursue certain career paths like becoming a licensed psychologist or conducting research at an advanced level, you will need to pursue further education beyond the bachelor’s level.

Master’s Degree:

A master’s degree in psychology typically takes around two years to complete. This level of study allows for specialization in specific areas such as clinical psychology, counseling psychology, or industrial-organizational psychology. During this time, students may also have the opportunity to engage in research or complete a thesis project.

Doctoral Degree:

A doctoral degree in psychology is the highest level of education one can pursue in this field. Depending on the program and specialization, it can take anywhere between four to seven years to complete.

Doctoral programs often include coursework, clinical or research experience, and the completion of a dissertation. This degree is necessary for individuals who aspire to become licensed psychologists or academic researchers.


It is important to note that the duration of a psychology degree can vary depending on individual circumstances, such as studying part-time or attending an accelerated program. Additionally, some programs offer combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees, allowing students to complete their studies more efficiently.

Career Goals

When considering how long a psychology degree takes, it is essential to keep your career goals in mind. Some career paths may require additional certifications or licenses beyond the completion of a degree.

In Conclusion:

While the length of time required to earn a psychology degree may vary depending on several factors, it is generally safe to say that completing an undergraduate degree takes around four years, a master’s degree takes around two years, and a doctoral degree can take four to seven years. Remember to consider your career goals and personal circumstances when planning your educational journey in psychology.