Psychology is a fascinating discipline that has been considered as a separate social science for a long time. However, it is often compared and contrasted with other social sciences such as sociology and anthropology.

While they all have the common goal of understanding human behavior, there are significant differences between these disciplines. In this article, we will explore those differences and highlight what makes psychology unique.

The Scope of Psychology

The scope of psychology is vast, covering everything from cognitive processes to behavior. It is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. Psychologists use a variety of research methods, including experiments, surveys, case studies, and observational studies to understand human behavior.


Sociology, on the other hand, is the study of society as a whole. Sociologists study social institutions such as marriage, family, education, and religion.

They also examine social problems such as poverty and inequality. Sociology focuses on how groups of people interact with each other and how these interactions shape society.


Anthropology is yet another social science that studies humans in their cultural context. Anthropologists study different cultures around the world to understand how people live in different societies. They look at everything from religious beliefs to economic systems to understand how different cultures operate.

Differences Between Psychology and Other Social Sciences

There are several key differences between psychology and other social sciences:


In conclusion, psychology is a unique social science that focuses on individual behavior and mental processes. While it shares some similarities with other social sciences such as sociology and anthropology, there are significant differences between them.

Understanding these differences is essential for anyone who wants to study human behavior and society. So, if you are interested in studying human behavior from an individual perspective, psychology might be the right discipline for you!