Social learning theory is a popular and influential theory in the field of psychology, developed by Albert Bandura. It explains how people learn from one another through observation, imitation, and modeling.

If you are writing an academic paper or research article that references Bandura’s social learning theory, it is important to properly cite your sources. In this article, we will discuss how to cite Bandura’s social learning theory using the APA citation style.

APA Citation Style

The American Psychological Association (APA) citation style is commonly used in the social sciences to cite sources in academic papers. When citing Bandura’s social learning theory, there are two main elements you should include: the author’s name and the year of publication.

In-Text Citations

In-text citations are used within the body of your paper to indicate where you have used information from a particular source. For example, if you were discussing Bandura’s social learning theory and wanted to reference his book “Social Learning Theory,” your in-text citation would look like this:

(Bandura, 1977)

This tells your reader that you have taken information from a source written by Bandura and published in 1977. If you are directly quoting a passage from Bandura’s work, you should also include the page number:

(Bandura, 1977, p. 47)

This lets your reader know exactly where they can find the information you have referenced.

Reference List Citations

The reference list at the end of your paper provides more detailed information about each source you have cited. To cite Bandura’s “Social Learning Theory” book in your reference list using APA style, follow this format:

This format provides all the necessary information for your reader to locate Bandura’s book if they wish to read it themselves.


Citing sources properly is an important part of academic writing. When referencing Bandura’s social learning theory, be sure to include both the author’s name and the year of publication in your in-text citations.

In your reference list, provide detailed information about the source, including the author, publication year, title of book, and publisher. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your writing is accurate and properly sourced.