Social psychology and personality psychology are two distinct fields of study, although they may seem to overlap at times. In this article, we will examine whether social psychology studies personality or not.

What is Social Psychology?
Social psychology is the scientific study of how people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the presence of others. It explores various aspects of human behavior such as conformity, obedience, attitudes, aggression, and prejudice.

What is Personality Psychology?
Personality psychology is the scientific study of individual differences in behavior patterns, cognition, and emotion. It focuses on understanding how people differ from one another in terms of their personalities.

Do Social Psychologists Study Personality?
While social psychologists may occasionally touch upon personality traits in their research studies, it is not their primary focus. Instead, social psychologists examine how situational factors influence human behavior. They analyze how people behave and react differently to different social situations.

For instance, a social psychologist might conduct a study on how group dynamics affect decision-making processes. They would be interested in understanding how individuals’ opinions change when they are part of a group as compared to when they are making decisions alone.

How Do Social Psychology and Personality Psychology Differ?

The primary difference between these two fields lies in the focus of their research questions. Personality psychology seeks to define individuals’ characteristics that remain stable across different situations and over time. On the other hand, social psychology focuses on understanding the effects of external factors like culture or environment on human behavior.

Another distinction lies in their research methods. Personality psychologists often use self-report questionnaires or interviews to gather information about individuals’ traits. Meanwhile, social psychologists use experiments and observations to understand people’s behavior changes according to different environments.


In conclusion, while personality traits can come up in social psychological research studies from time to time; it is not its primary focus. Social psychology is more concerned with understanding how individuals’ behavior changes according to different social situations and group dynamics. Therefore, we can say that social psychology does not study personality as a whole, but focuses on how external factors affect human behavior.