Sam Houston, a legendary figure in Texas history, was a key player in numerous significant events that shaped the state’s future. He served as the first president of the Republic of Texas and later as a senator and governor. Despite all these achievements, many people still wonder if he had a degree in psychology.

The Educational Background of Sam Houston

Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793, in Virginia. He grew up in Tennessee and received little formal education during his childhood. At the age of 16, he ran away from home and lived with the Cherokee tribe for three years.

In 1812, he enlisted in the United States Army and fought in the War of 1812 against Great Britain. After leaving the army, he moved to Nashville and started working as a clerk for a trader.

In 1818, Sam Houston decided to pursue higher education and enrolled at Maryville College. However, due to financial constraints, he dropped out after only six months. He then started studying law under Judge James Trimble but never completed his degree.

Sam Houston’s Interest in Psychology

Despite not having any formal education or degree in psychology, Sam Houston demonstrated an interest in understanding human behavior. During his time with the Cherokee tribe, he learned their language and culture which gave him insights into their way of thinking and living.

Moreover, throughout his political career, he exhibited excellent leadership skills that required an understanding of human psychology. He was known for being able to read people’s motives and emotions accurately which helped him navigate complex political situations.


In summary, Sam Houston did not have a degree or formal education in psychology. However, his experiences with different cultures and his natural ability to understand human behavior made him an effective leader who could navigate complex political situations. His legacy as a legendary figure in Texas history continues to inspire Texans today.