If you’re a guitar enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of Guitar Tricks. It’s an online platform that offers guitar lessons to players of all skill levels. While many people praise the platform for its extensive library of video lessons and helpful instructors, some wonder if Guitar Tricks teaches music theory.

What is Music Theory?

Music theory is the study of how music works. It includes the principles behind the creation of music, such as rhythm, harmony, melody, and structure. Understanding music theory can help musicians improve their playing skills and write better songs.

Does Guitar Tricks Teach Music Theory?

The short answer is yes; Guitar Tricks does teach music theory. While the platform primarily focuses on teaching guitar techniques and songs, it also offers lessons on music theory.

When you sign up for Guitar Tricks, you’ll have access to a range of courses that cover topics such as scales, chords, progressions, and songwriting. These courses are designed to help guitarists understand how music works and how to apply that knowledge to their playing.

One course that stands out is “Music Theory Survival Guide.” This course covers the basics of music theory in an easy-to-understand way. It includes topics such as rhythm, notation, key signatures, intervals, scales, chords, progressions, and more.

Another course worth mentioning is “Songwriting: Writing Hit Songs.” This course teaches students how to write great songs by analyzing popular hits and understanding what makes them work. It covers topics such as song structure, chord progressions, melody writing, lyrics writing, and more.

In addition to these courses, Guitar Tricks also offers a range of lessons on specific topics related to music theory. For example:

Why is Music Theory Important for Guitarists?

Learning music theory can help guitarists in several ways. Here are a few:

1. Understanding what you’re playing

When you know music theory, you can understand why certain chords sound good together, why certain scales work over certain chords, and why certain progressions are common in many songs. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions about your playing and songwriting.

2. Improving your improvisation skills

Knowing music theory can also help you improvise better. When you understand how different notes relate to each other, you can create more interesting and melodic solos.

3. Writing better songs

Music theory can also help you write better songs by giving you a framework to work with. When you know how different chords and progressions work, you can create more interesting and complex compositions.


In conclusion, Guitar Tricks does teach music theory in addition to its guitar lessons. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, learning music theory can help take your playing to the next level. With Guitar Tricks’ comprehensive library of courses and lessons on the subject, there’s no reason not to start learning today!