Does Game Theory Have a Podcast?


Martha Robinson

Are you interested in learning about game theory through a podcast? If so, you may be wondering if there are any podcasts dedicated to this fascinating subject. The short answer is yes, there are several podcasts that cover game theory in depth.

What is Game Theory?

Before we dive into the world of game theory podcasts, let’s briefly define what game theory is all about. Simply put, game theory is the study of strategic decision-making.

It involves analyzing the choices that individuals or groups make when faced with different options and outcomes. Game theory has applications in many fields including economics, political science, psychology, and more.

The Game Theory Podcast

One popular podcast that covers game theory is aptly named The Game Theory Podcast. Hosted by Sam Wang and Josh Fischman, both professors at Princeton University, this podcast explores the concepts of game theory in an accessible and engaging way.

Each episode features interviews with experts in various fields who apply game theory to their work. Recent episodes have covered topics such as voting systems, climate change policy, and even sports strategy.

Other Options

If The Game Theory Podcast doesn’t quite scratch your itch for knowledge on this topic, don’t worry – there are plenty of other options out there. Here are a few other podcasts that cover game theory:

  • EconTalk: Hosted by economist Russ Roberts, EconTalk covers a wide range of economic topics including game theory.
  • The Strategy Bridge: This podcast focuses on military strategy but often incorporates concepts from game theory into its discussions.
  • The Brainy Business: While not specifically about game theory, this podcast covers behavioral economics which often incorporates concepts from game theory.


So if you’re interested in learning more about game theory, there are plenty of podcasts out there to choose from. Whether you prefer a more academic approach or a more casual discussion, you’re sure to find something that suits your style. Happy listening!