If you’re interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology, you may be wondering if Brigham Young University (BYU) offers a program in this field. BYU is a private research university located in Provo, Utah, and is known for its strong academic programs.

So, does BYU have a clinical psychology program? Let’s find out.

BYU’s Psychology Department

To answer this question, we first need to take a closer look at BYU’s psychology department. The department offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, including a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology. This program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA).

What Is Clinical Psychology?

Before we delve deeper into BYU’s Clinical Psychology program, let’s define what clinical psychology is. According to the APA, “Clinical psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior, and psychiatric problems.”

Clinical psychologists use various techniques such as psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help individuals overcome their mental health issues.

The Ph. Program in Clinical Psychology at BYU

The Ph. program in Clinical Psychology at BYU offers students an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills required to become licensed clinical psychologists. The program follows a scientist-practitioner model that emphasizes both research and practice.

Students in this program are required to complete coursework that covers topics such as psychopathology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychological assessment techniques. They also undergo training that includes supervised clinical practice.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the Ph. program in Clinical Psychology at BYU, applicants must meet certain requirements:

Career Opportunities

Graduates of BYU’s Ph. program in Clinical Psychology can pursue various career paths, including:


In conclusion, yes, BYU does have a Clinical Psychology program that prepares students for careers as licensed clinical psychologists. The program emphasizes both research and practice and is fully accredited by the APA. Graduates of this program can pursue various career paths in the field of clinical psychology.