There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was a legendary musician and a pop culture icon of his time. His music has influenced countless artists and fans all over the world. But, did Michael Jackson learn music theory?

The answer to this question remains somewhat unclear. There are varying opinions and pieces of evidence that suggest different things. Some sources claim that Michael Jackson had a deep understanding of music theory, while others suggest that he relied purely on his natural talent and intuition.

One reason why some people believe that Michael Jackson had a solid grasp of music theory is because of his ability to compose intricate melodies, harmonies, and arrangements. He was known for his attention to detail in the studio, often spending hours perfecting each aspect of a song.

Additionally, there are stories from those who worked closely with him that suggest he had at least some knowledge of music theory. For example, Quincy Jones, the producer behind many of Jackson’s most famous albums, has said in interviews that Michael had an incredible ear for music and could easily pick out individual notes in a complex chord progression.

However, there are also those who argue that Michael Jackson did not have any formal training or education in music theory. They point to the fact that he never learned how to read sheet music or play an instrument proficiently.

Despite this lack of formal training, it’s clear that Jackson had an innate sense of musicality and a unique approach to songwriting. He was known for experimenting with different sounds and styles, blending elements from various genres to create something entirely new.

In conclusion, while we may never know for sure whether or not Michael Jackson learned music theory in a traditional sense, it’s clear that he had a deep understanding and appreciation for the art form. His contributions to music will continue to be celebrated by generations to come.