Can You Do a Biology and Psychology Degree?

Many students are interested in pursuing degrees in both biology and psychology, as these two fields offer unique perspectives on the study of human behavior and the natural world. While combining these two disciplines may seem like a daunting task, it is certainly possible to do a dual degree or major in both biology and psychology.

Why Combine Biology and Psychology?

Biology is the study of life, while psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Combining these two fields allows students to gain a deeper understanding of how biological processes influence behavior and vice versa.

Benefits of Dual Degree:

Possible Paths to Combine Biology and Psychology:

Dual Degree:

A dual degree program allows students to earn separate degrees in both biology and psychology. This typically involves completing the required coursework for each major separately. While this option may take longer to complete compared to a single degree program, it offers a more comprehensive education in both fields.


Another option is to major in one field and pursue a concentration or minor in the other. For example, a student could major in biology and choose a psychology concentration or minor. This allows for a more focused study in one field while still gaining knowledge and skills in the other.

Course Selection:

When combining biology and psychology, it is important to choose courses that bridge the two disciplines. Some recommended courses may include:

Career Paths:

A dual degree or major in biology and psychology opens up various career paths. Some potential career options include:

In conclusion,

A biology and psychology degree offers a unique blend of scientific perspectives on human behavior. Whether through a dual degree program or combining majors/concentrations, students can gain valuable insights into how biological processes interact with psychological factors. This interdisciplinary approach can lead to exciting career opportunities in research, clinical practice, or education.