Can I Get a Job in Advertising With a Psychology Degree?


Jane Flores

If you have a degree in psychology and are interested in pursuing a career in advertising, you may be wondering if your degree is relevant to the field. The answer is yes, you can absolutely get a job in advertising with a psychology degree. In fact, many advertising agencies value candidates with backgrounds in psychology because they bring unique insights into consumer behavior and decision-making.

Why Psychology is Relevant to Advertising

At its core, advertising is all about understanding and influencing human behavior. This involves understanding how people think, feel, and behave in response to different stimuli such as advertisements or marketing messages. This is where psychology comes in – it provides a framework for understanding human behavior and decision-making.

Psychology can help advertisers understand factors such as:

  • How people perceive information
  • What motivates people to take action
  • How people make decisions
  • The role of emotions in decision-making
  • How to effectively persuade and influence others

Potential Job Roles for Psychology Graduates in Advertising

There are many job roles within the advertising industry that would be well-suited for someone with a background in psychology. Some potential roles include:

1. Account Planner/Strategist:

An account planner or strategist is responsible for conducting research on consumer behavior and preferences, identifying Target audiences, and developing strategies for effective communication with those audiences. A background in psychology would be particularly useful in this role because it requires an understanding of how people think and make decisions.

2. Market Researcher:

Market researchers are responsible for designing research studies to gather data on consumer preferences, attitudes, and behaviors. They analyze this data to inform marketing strategies and campaigns. A background in psychology would be helpful here because it provides insight into how to design and conduct effective research studies.

3. Creative Director:

Creative directors are responsible for overseeing the development of advertising campaigns, including the creation of visual and written content. A background in psychology could be useful in this role because it provides an understanding of what motivates people and how to effectively communicate with them through different mediums.

4. Copywriter:

Copywriters are responsible for creating written content for advertisements, such as headlines, taglines, and body copy. A background in psychology could be helpful in this role because it provides insight into how to craft messages that resonate with Target audiences.


In conclusion, a degree in psychology can be highly relevant to a career in advertising. Whether you are interested in account planning, market research, creative direction or copywriting, your understanding of human behavior and decision-making can provide valuable insights into effective advertising strategies. So if you have a psychology degree and are passionate about pursuing a career in advertising, don’t hesitate to apply – your skills and knowledge could make you a valuable asset to any agency.