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If Barack Obama Were to Take Lee Siegel’s Advice

An Address to the Nation, from President Barack Obama We’re a young country, relative to such nations as France and Not France. As such, we have much yet to do in the world, much yet to achieve. We’re still a … Continue reading

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The Torture Debate

As someone who experienced 12 years of Lutheran parochial schools, I have little sympathy for the prisoners at Guantanamo. (You have not known terror until you’ve had a six-foot-four-inch ex-Army chaplain, now a substitute religion teacher, ask you, age 11, whether … Continue reading

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Kevin Spacey’s ‘House of Cards’ Character Appears @ WH Correspondents Dinner

This is a riot.

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Sweden Will Pay You to Move to Norway. Norway Will Pay You to Import Its Garbage. Your Joke Here.

The catch is, you must be a Swede who is unemployed and living in the town of Soderhamn. Which definitely shrinks the pool of potential applicants. Under a scheme organised by the local authorities in the town of Soderhamn and … Continue reading

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If I Were Moderator of Tonight’s Debate: My Questions

President Obama: 1. What did five say to six? (Assumes familiarity with numbers in sequence.) 2. If you could be anything other than a really bad president, what would you suck at? 3. Why is the Near East closer to … Continue reading

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Forget Obama and Romney: Here’s Why You Should Elect a Comic Book Supervillain

Lauren Davis over @ io9 has an eye-opening piece that lays out “9 Reasons to Elect a Supervillain President.” What’s frightening is that they all make eminent sense. 1. They have a strong vision for the future. 2. They’ll go … Continue reading

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Bloody Obvious Alert: David Brooks Calls Out Romney as a Phony

So New York Times columnist David Brooks was on the NewsHour and said out loud what everyone else already knew: Mitt Romney is faking it. “Several decades ago I had a chance to have dinner with Tom Clancy, the thriller writer,” Brooks … Continue reading

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