A Strange Preview: Son of God

Fast on the heels of their enormously successful Bible series, Mark Burnett and wife Roma Downey have produced a film focused strictly on the life, death, and (presumably) resurrection of Jesus, English Portuguese accent and all. (But, hey, any actor would betray some kind of accent, even if filmed in Aramaic.)

I wonder if the History Channel’s dopey Secrets of the Bible was a way to appease anti-Christian or anti-religion critics appalled that the network would air the Bible miniseries as if it were, I dunno, history.

Son of God opens February 28, 2014.

And give a look at this profile of actor Diogo Morgado from last year.

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3 thoughts on “A Strange Preview: Son of God

  1. English accent? The actor playing Jesus is Portuguese, and his distinctly non-English accent stands out from all the English accents surrounding him (just as Max von Sydow’s Swedish accent stood out from all the American accents surrounding him in The Greatest Story Ever Told).

    • Funny that’s how I interpreted it from the video. I have to admit — never saw the series. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. The trailer doesn’t appeal to me. The actor’s Jesus looks too much like aiming to please – like an insincere politician. Whatever one thinks of Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ (I thought it was very impressive), I thought Caviezel was damned near pitch-perfect.

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