Il Divo è Morto

If you missed Paolo Sorrentino’s masterful Il Divoa critical exploration of the the premiership of Giulio Andreotti, who died Monday, age 94, you must make up for this calamitous oversight immediately by hittling Netflix.

Beautifully shot with an energy and humor that will keep your attention rapt and your inner cynic giggling, the film features a brilliant Toni Servillo as Andreotti, who guides us through the elbow macaroni that is the Italian political labyrinth via a droll inner monologue and ghoulish demeanor that renders him a kind of Renfield to his own Dracula.


Speaking of overlooked Italian films, did you see Vincereabout Mussolini Jr.(yes, junior)? The drop-dead gorgeous Giovanna Mezzogiorno plays Ida Dalser—Il Duce’s probable first wife, who is secluded in an asylum once the shining star of international socialism took a nationalist turn and marched on Rome to the delight of beguiled idolators everywhere.

Here’s the trailer:

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