What Patrick Stewart and I Have in Common

“Please, please let them come now, and I’ll never ask for anything ever again…please, please let them come now…”

Not since the Third Punic War has anyone or anything experienced the red hot burning hatred that Patrick Stewart and I have for …. Time Warner Cable.

It seems that Mr. Stewart—Captain Picard and Professor Charles “X”avier, for those of you who are blanking—moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn, which was my hood for 10 months, when I was first married, until I ran screaming back to Midtown Manhattan. (Don’t buy the hype about Brooklyn. It’s Queens with beachfront property and no baseball stadium.)

The TV, film, and theater star also made the mistake many New Yorkers are forced to make: he chose Time Warner Cable for his cable provider. (Whether you have another viable option depends on where exactly in the five boroughs you live.)

He tweeted on September 13: ‘All I wanted to do was set up a new account with (Time Warner Cable) but 36hrs later I’ve lost the will to live,’ the actor tweeted. …

According to the New York Post, Stewart’s former Star Trek co-star LeVar Burton chimed in, tweeting a sympathetic: ‘Been there.’

Time Warner, which is notorious for long wait times and poor customer service, responded back on Twitter. ‘How can we assist you?’ they asked on their help handle.

But it was too late for Stewart, who replied via Twitter: ‘If that question had been asked at any time in the last 36 hours it would have been of value. But now…’

Fortunately, when I left New York, I left Time Warner behind. No more waiting and waiting and waiting for reps who never show, or say they “called” to confirm you were home and, when no one answered because you happened to be getting the mail, canceled your appointment—which you took the day off from work to keep.

I now have Verizon Fios. Not only did the rep show when he said he would, he actually asked me if I wanted him to come back later in the day to make sure everything was in proper working order.

I told him that was creepy and chased him out of the house.

There’s such a thing as being too nice.


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