The Christian Humorist and Naomi Wolf’s …

So have a little pity here, I’m stuck between a rock and the comedy gold that is this new “biography.”  The possibilities are endless  — but in light of our discussion of sanctification, what am I to do with Naomi Wolf’s Vagina?

I had put up a post a couple of days ago with the headline “So I Was in Barnes & Noble Flipping Through Naomi Wolf’s … ” but I had second thoughts and took it down.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to Naomi’s Wolf’s Vagina? As a cultural phenomenon, you have to admit, it’s sorta strange. Sure, the author comes across as someone just desperate for attention. And what better way than to lead with your naughty bits (as Monty Python would say)? Critics certainly have not been kind to Naomi Wolf’s Vagina. Feminists particularly can’t stand it. And they’d be in a position to know.

Now, a good Southern Baptist wouldn’t go anywhere near Naomi Wolf’s Vagina. (Are there any Baptist humorists?) But I’m not a Baptist. In my original post, I had all kinds of silly double entendres and goofy word pictures like “It’s is not for me to tell you what to do with Naomi Wolf’s Vagina. Pick it up in a mall. Borrow it from the library. I’m sure you have a friend who has one.” It was just over the top. And I know a lot of pastors read this blog and good family-values-type folks, so I took the thing down.

Then I thought it would be clever if I never actually mentioned the title of the book in my post. I would use only pronouns and let the reader fill in the blank. I’d be off the hook for bad taste, right? Well, not so much.

So is there any good way to get a handle on Naomi Wolf’s Vagina?

And you can see what I’m doing here: in the guise of creating a certain critical distance, in discussing how fraught a subject this is, I still can’t let go of—

What can I say? I’m a hopeless hypocrite. But this is why I need sound preaching on sanctification! Because when it comes to a cheap laugh, there’s nothing like—

OK, I’m gonna stop now.

This is what I’m going to do in the future. If I think a post is handling a subject that may prove offensive to some, or contains dicey language, I will mark the headline with an *SA* — Sanctification Alert! Think of it as the equivalent of NSFW (Not Safe for Weirdos).

Now, for anyone who was offended by this post, who thinks I crossed a line I shouldn’t have, I offer you this.

Here I stoop. I could probably do a lot more. With Naomi Wolf’s—

I may need an intervention.

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2 Responses to The Christian Humorist and Naomi Wolf’s …

  1. Steve Bauer says:

    Your penance is to go watch Benny Hill.

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