On Closing Night of DNC, Obama Disappoints. Again. Biden Employs Metaphor. Metaphor Unemployment Rate Dips Slightly.

OK, when I point to my temple, make all the conventions go away…

I was going to force myself to watch the closing night of the DNC, but there was a Mary Tyler Moore rerun where Murray’s daughter comes to work at WJM and Lou is all annoyed and Mary gets caught in between (as usual, you know that Mary) and I just couldn’t not watch. (BTW, Ed Asner was as good in the role of Lou Grant as any actor has ever been on anything on TV, and I don’t care if he is a communist. Asner, not Lou Grant.)

I also caught a couple of reruns of Anger Management, the new Charlie Sheen show that’s being renewed for 999 episodes or until cable permits a la cart programming. The show itself is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, only the language, which again, is supposed to be “edgy” but is just juvenile. You know the writers have run out of ideas when the third oral sex joke can’t even get a giggle out of the laugh track. Martin Sheen showed up as Charlie’s dad. The TV relationship is chock-full of inside references that obviously mirror the real-life relationship, which makes for an interesting dynamic—for about five minutes. What can I say? Charlie Sheen is winning. Again. He has found his niche. And apparently it’s somewhere under a rock.

I remember when it was a huge deal the night Bea Arthur called Walter a “son of a bitch” on prime time. Now you can say the P word and everyone yawns. Ah, sweet progress.

That Matthew Perry show looks fun. (What’s with the group-therapy themes? That’s Anger Management‘s schtick too. Call it the ghost of Bob Newhart…) And the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory is September 27, so mark your calendars. Love that show.

Where was I? Oh. The vice president said we’re at the “hinge of history.” Really? I would have voted for D-Day, but the VP may not be familiar with that event. Someone might want to text him. And the president’s speech seems to have been a let-down, at least according to the headlines I caught off those news-aggregator thingees. If Obama’s reelected, and he will be, expect a lot more disappointment. But then again, I don’t want to be accused of exhibiting the soft bigotry of low expectations. So…yippee.

Look, when the only accomplishment you can point to after four years is who you managed to kill, and you’re not the Republicans, you deserve to sit down and rethink your whole reason for being. And I mean something less unconstitutional than trying to con the pope into subsidizing your sex life.

BREAKING: Everybody, all together! “Thuh gra-a-a-ayte-e-est ho-o-o-ax of a-l-l-l-l…is hap-pen-ing to me-e-e-e-e-e!

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2 Responses to On Closing Night of DNC, Obama Disappoints. Again. Biden Employs Metaphor. Metaphor Unemployment Rate Dips Slightly.

  1. Lars Walker says:

    Did you ever notice how Lou Grant’s life got a lot less funny after he left Minneapolis and moved to LA? Take that, all you people who think nobody has a sense of humor in Minnesota!

    I have a whoopie cushion, too, and I know how to use it. If I need one. Which generally I don’t.

    • Anthony Sacramone says:

      Yeah, funny how that happened. Or not.

      The drama had some good writing, at least in Season One, but the character was drained of panache. Won a ton of awards, though. Asner remains the only actor to win Emmys for playing the same character in two different shows–one a comedy and one a drama.

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