Some States Weighing Drug Tests for Jobless Bennies, Others Considering Feats of Strength, Coal-Walking, Marathon Viewing of Douglas Sirk Films

new-ez-key-cup-drug-testWait a minute, wait a minute — Congress is doling out dollars like infants do spittle to companies that have been managed worse than Paulie Shore’s film career, yet those who have lost their jobs due to no fault of their own have to prove they’re Boy Scouts to a bureaucracy their taxes fund? What has one thing got to do with another?

Ron Haskins of the centrist Brookings Institution takes issue with lumping jobless benefits with other state benefits.

“Unemployment insurance really is not a welfare program. It’s an insurance program, which means that they’ve paid into the program each month they’ve had earnings,” Haskins said. “Unless we want to cancel insurance policies because someone doesn’t pass a drug test, I think that’s really quite a mistake.”

The government is everywhere — soon, even in your urine!

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