Atheist Pastor Given ‘OK’ by Protestant Church in the Netherlands, Will Receive Mythical Paychecks in Light of Meaningless Position

hendrickseI don’t see why not believing in God should stand in the way of of a clergyman’s pursuing his calling. After all, it never stopped many an Anglican bishop.

The church authorities said disciplinary proceedings against Hendrikse, who is a pastor of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, would be likely to lead to, “a protracted discussion about the meanings of words that in the end will produce little clarity”. The letter also noted that people have debated the issue of “God’s existence” throughout time.

Hendrikse gained attention with his book published in November 2007, in which he said that it was not necessary to believe in God’s existence in order to believe in “God.”

I’ve said the same thing many times. Then I take my pills, lie down, and I’m usually fine in the morning …

Question: Does my never attending a church that disavows the existence of a God it purports to still believe in disqualify me from all the perks of membership, whatever they may be? Or is my nonattendance still the functional equivalent of attendance if I can convince enough people that it’s merely a matter of semantics?

Question:  Does “Pastor” Hendrikse argue for early composition dates for the books of the New Testament, a la John A.T. Robinson, or are such matters irrelevant, given that Jesus and the Apostles got the whole God thing wrong in the first place?

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  1. John H says:

    Reminds me of when an atheist clergyman in England was defrocked about ten years ago. The satirical magazine Private Eye did an “Order of Service for the Defrocking of an Atheist Vicar”, in which the following exchange took place:

    Bishop: Do you believe in God?

    Priest: No, but I do believe in being allowed to carry on living in my vicarage and drawing my stipend.

    As so often, “the world” gets it; “the church” doesn’t.

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  4. Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father in this time;;hope and pray that you and yours are all well under the shadow of the Lord Almighty
    Pray God You have a wonderful Easter celebrating God’s gift , and Your Years of Life Are Absolutely wonderful and You continue to walk in the favor of God and receive His Blessing. You are a Child of God and You Are marked for His blessing.inyour own genaration
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