Atheist Sign Promoting Hatred of Religion Placed Beside Creche, Gulag and Guillotine Scenes to Follow

Ah pluralism, in all its multifarious, idiotic manifestations. (What is it about the Pacific Northwest? Is it an acid-rain issue?)

Imagine this …


… replaced with this …


… as a sign of progress.

Now for the $64,000 Question: Why was this sign permitted if atheism is not a religion? The Nativity scene is a holiday (holy-day) display. If atheism is permitted a “place at the table” with Christianity and Judaism, should it also be barred from proselytizing on public grounds?

I eagerly await other “equal-time” token gestures, such as renditions of “No One Blesses America” sung at public gatherings.

UPDATE: I swear I didn’t do this. Honest. Really. I live in New York.

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  1. One of the losing designs in the monument design competition which Gustav Eiffel won, for the 1889 Paris Exposition, was a 1,000-foot guillotine. Another was a 1,000-foot sprinkler. Of course what won was . . . um . . . well, it’s not really anything, is it, except a 1,000-foot Eiffel Tower.

    I forget now why I thought that this was relevant information. And now I’ve got to go play Karate-Man/Gun-Man/Gorilla with a 6-year-old, so likely I will never recover my train of thought. (it’s a more extreme version of rock/paper/scissors, in case anyone was wondering).

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